Hannah - Founder - Owner

Hannah lived in Europe when she was younger and Hawaii amongst many US States. Hannah graduated high school in Alaska and she has a bachelor's of science in nursing. Hannah personally drew the WATE LIVING logo and got the inspiration for the brand from her world travels. She is a free spirit and likes to take life easy. Hannah has seen the pyramids of Egypt, hiked the mountains of Alaska, surfed in Hawaii and skydived in Italy. She has snowshoed in Banff National Park in Canada and has taken multiple 4000+ mile road trips. Hannah loves getting outside and seeing the world. Hannah can always be found near the ocean or the mountains. She hopes WATE LIVING can be an inspiration for everyone to Wander, Adventure, Travel, and Explore.

Jacob - Co-Founder - Brand Content - Marketing

Jacob is a triplet! Jacob has a bachelors in Business Management and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration. His love for the outdoors began when he met his wife Hannah in Washington D.C. as they traveled along the east coast! Jacob loves hiking, fishing, snowboarding, snow-machining, running, family and anything Alaska and the outdoors has to offer. On a typical day you can find Jacob doing something outside or finding new ways to better WATE LIVING. Jacob is the least experienced of the group but is willing to try anything even if he is not good at it. If you ask Jacob to climb a mountain he will do it and act like he has done it before even with no experience. 

Gabe - Field Manager

If you have Gabe with you, adventure is always near.  An interesting fact about Gabe is he always carries two survival bars on him at all times. Whether it be his truck, his trailer or his house, Gabe is always ready for any adventure with all the needed equipment on hand.  Rumor has it if you look up adventure in the dictionary, Gabe is in the definition. You will not find Gabe sitting at home when the world can be explored. Gabe has years of experience and expertise in the outdoors. He can be a guide, a compass, a mechanic or a fountain of knowledge for outdoor terrain and hunting. Gabe's experiences range from Alaska black bear hunting, Alaska Kodiak blacktail deer hunting, trapping various Alaska small game, fishing for salmon, rock-climbing, marathon running, snowboarding, snowshoeing and the list goes on and on. This is why Gabe is our field manager, his accolades are beyond compare. Gabe once did 7 summits, consisting of over 35 miles in less than 24hrs with 0 sleep in Kodiak, Alaska. WATE LIVING is lucky to have him on the team.

Kenzie - Field Tester

Alaskan roots run strong through her veins. Kenzie is born and raised in Alaska. Kenzie pairs with Gabe. Kenzie and Gabe are the ultimate adventure duo. Rumor has it they don't ever eat real food and can survive off of 1 or 2 granola bars a week. Together they make up our field manager and field tester team.  Kenzie was a level 10 gymnast who still applies that discipline to every aspect of her life. Kenzie can always be counted on to get the job done. Kenzie is an optimist and is someone you can always count on. When out in the backcountry, you want Kenzie on your team with her always positive mindset. Take a bad day, a bad situation and the worse case scenario in the world and Kenzie will make good out of it. Word on the street is Kenzie once killed, cleaned, packed and processed her own deer without prior experience, help or expertise. This attest to Kenzie's "can do attitude."Kenzie has experience trapping, hunting, hiking, ice-fishing and much, much more. WATE LIVING is excited to have her on the team!

Jack - Marine Division

Born and raised in Alaska. Jack is the best fisherman around. He knows all the honey holes and secret spots. If you want to catch a certain type of fish, Jack is your man. He has been involved in the commercial fishing industry since he was 17 years old. He has fished and traveled in Alaska, Alabama, Oregon, Washington, Mexico and Hawaii to name a few. Jack can be found four-wheeling, snow-machining, snowboarding, hiking,  working on his boat, his diesel trucks or doing mechanical work in the garage. We are excited Jack is apart of our team. His experience and expertise in the fishing industry is a great asset to our team!


Noah - Mountaineering Division

Noah is the ultimate climber, whether that be ice or rock, and not to mention he is a great route setter. Snowboarding, skiing, longboarding, and surfing are a few of Noah's areas of interest. On a cold, snowy day you can find him splitboarding in the Alaskan backcountry. He is CPR certified, a certified EMT, and soon to be paramedic. Additionally, he is a frequent lifeguard. Noah's wide array and diversity of skills makes WATE LIVING more rounded as a team. We couldn't be more thrilled to have him on board.