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The WATE in WATE LIVING stands for Wander, Adventure, Travel, and Explore. What kind of adventure company would we be if we didn't share our experiences? Scroll down to see some of the cool things we have done!

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Surfing in North Carolina (October 2019)

We spent a couple of days in the East Coast, more specifically Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Surfing is great exercise and makes you respect the ocean and all of its' vast power. Do not knock it until you have tried it. Surfing can be rough in the wrong conditions. We learned that from the start, the weather was rough, the waves were rough and the tide was strong. Surfing has gained our respect and all of those who have mastered the sport. If you have not tried it yet, get a board, find a beach and surf's up!

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Triathlon in Tennessee (August 2019)

Swim. Bike. Run. It is what it sounds like, you swim, you bike, then you run. All for fun. Sounds exciting, right? It was fun but not sure if we would attempt a longer distance or an Ironman (P.S. we did a Tri-Sprint aka 200 meter swim, 10 mile bike and 2 mile-run). Who knows? In the future we may train for an Ironman. Try a triathlon, you will not regret it, start small like us. Your body will thank you!

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Rock Climbing in Alabama (July 2019)

We rock climbed in Sand Rock, Alabama with all of our own gear! We camped outside the rock climbing site and each morning had our packs ready and started climbing. Climbing in the middle of the Alabama heat in the summer is no easy task! Rock climbing is great exercise, teaches you to have confidence in your ability and is all about the mental game! 90% of the climb is against yourself. Trust yourself, and trust your abilities. If you have not tried it, tag along with someone who has first hand experience with outdoor rock-climbing to learn. On a side note, you do not have to climb indoors to be able to climb outside. Outside climbing is completely different, we started out climbing outside before inside and it has paid off in the long-run.

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Salmon Fishing in Alaska (June 2019)

There are five species of wild salmon found in Alaska, King (Chinook) salmon, Red (sockeye) salmon, Silver (coho) salmon, chum (keta) salmon and pink salmon. We fished for Sockeye Salmon in Alaska in Cooper's Landing which is about an hour outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska salmon fishing is unique in the fact that you use a technique called the flossing method to fish, no bait is used just a hook. The salmon are caught as they swim upstream to spawn. Salmon are salt water fish and eventually die upon the end of their journey. They literally rot in the freshwater of the streams, well at least until they are eaten by bears or caught by fishermen. We caught approximately 200 pounds of salmon total in a matter of a week! Definitely got our money's worth! If you have not tried it, we highly recommend you Salmon fish in Alaska for a once in a lifetime experience.

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Snowboarding in Colorado (December 2018)

We snowboarded for a week in Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge, and Vail Colorado. We shredded the slopes the best we could. Black diamonds are no joke! The powder was about as good as you can ask for. Snowboarding is best in groups and with friends. Snowboarding is definitely a total body workout! If you are a beginner do not worry, so are thousands of other people there. If you have not tried snowboarding yet, you are not alone. Grab a board, grab a friend, get some warm gear and hit the slopes! No better time to learn than now.

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Fishing in Louisiana (December 2018)

If you have been to Louisiana then you know what a popular spot for fishing is, Grand Isle, Louisiana. Home of the crawfish and known for its' alligators, Louisiana is a great-spot for fishing located in the Gulf of Mexico. We fished for a fish called "RedFish" and whatever else we could find. It was not our most successful fishing trip but it was a blast! Nothing beats fishing and the sunrise out on the water in Grand Isle, Louisiana.

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Marathon in Louisiana (January 2017)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the place where we decided to run 26.2 miles. Southern heat is real, the humidity is worse. All in all, a great experience, kudos to all the 5 minute-mile marathon runners out there! If you have not started running, start today. Great physical and mental exercise and pushes your limits! I see another marathon in our future.

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A Lifetime in Adventure (November 2016)

The proposal that began the brand (sort of). It was not until after we got married that we started WATE LIVING in November of 2017. This day was the day that began the adventure of a lifetime. A journey that will never end. We will chase mountain-tops, sunsets, sunrises, ocean breezes, snowy days, and fun experiences forever on this adventure we call life.