The GRIP6 belt is a perfect companion for the Alaskan backcountry. In our one-week testing, we found the GRIP6 belt to be lightweight, durable, and super easy to put through the belt loops (a first for us). For reference, we tested the Workbelt Pro Granite Coal color, which falls under GRIP6 "Workbelt Series." In the Alaskan backcountry, we believe a workbelt is perfect for any scenario one can encounter.  At first, the GRIP6 belt can be confusing to put on due to its unconventional style (not a bad thing, just something new to learn). However, do not let this deter you from purchasing a GRIP6 belt. The GRIP6 belt comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. In fact, if you want to change your belt buckle you can do so as all belt buckles are interchangeable. Once you figure out how to put on this belt (instructions included or watch this video) you will realize how much of a convenience it is to have no flaps protruding from your waist or nothing to tuck into a belt loop. This is due to GRIP6 technology in which the flap is actually behind the belt so it is always held down! A traditional belt loops in the front. A GRIP6 belt loops on the inside.

In wearing the GRIP6 belt hiking, hunting and ice-fishing we found we never had to readjust the belt. Seriously, once adjusted the belt stays put. This is due to what GRIP6 calls “Badgerbite” where the belt does not give at all. We had to go to Google for this one. We researched something called “Bite force quotient.” It is defined as “The regression of the quotient of an animal’s bite force in newtons divided by its body mass in kilograms.” Basically how strong an animal’s bite force is in comparison to its bodyweight. Looking at the bite force quotient for multiple animals, the American black bear is rated at a 64, the brown bear a 78, coyote an 88. The badger….. a whopping 109. Pretty crazy?!? Right? All with no holes to hold onto unlike a traditional belt you would typically buy. This explains why the belt does not slip. The badger’s bite is holding the belt into place.

We frequently use Arcade adventure belts which are easy to clip on but can be difficult to put through your belt loops. For comparison, the GRIP6 belt has a tapered edge with a 45-degree corner making it easy to put through the belt loops. No more hanging up or forcing the belt through the belt loops! Simply put, amazing! If you sport a leatherman, you will have no problem using this belt to hold the leatherman. Unlike the Arcade adventure belt, the Workbelt Pro Granite will not bend under the weight of a leatherman and will remain sturdy throughout the entirety of its use. On top of it all, GRIP6 offers a lifetime warranty. Need we continue? GRIP6 is 100% American made and you can see this in the packaging of their product and craftsmanship of the belt and belt buckle. Straight from the GRIP6 website, “Buckles are laser cut from T6061 Aluminum. The strap is woven with high strength nylon webbing.” If you are still not convinced you need this belt, the belt meets military specifications of what a belt should be. As a brand with a military background, this says a lot. Nonetheless, we plan to keep using this belt in the future and look forward to many more adventures with it. No matter the conditions, tried, tested and true GRIP6 is the belt for you.  

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