Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does WATE LIVING stand for? WATE LIVING is an acronym. Wander. Adventure. Travel. Explore. Living.
2. What is our mission statement? To inspire everyone to experience nature and outdoor recreation.
3. Who runs WATE LIVING? We are a husband and wife adventure duo who love exploring fun places and trying new things, hence the reason why we created this brand.
4. What kind of a business are you? We are an outdoor adventure clothing company.
5. How long is shipping? Depending on your location approximately 1-2 weeks max, usually closer to 1 week.
6. Do you have a return policy? Yes we do, shoot us an email or DM us on Instagram if you need a size exchange or there is a defect in the apparel!
7. Who prints your apparel? We use a print provider located in Birmingham, Alabama. For a few small pieces of apparel we may use another alternate provider.
         8. Do you have an ambassador program? Yes we do! We would love to have you! Dm us on Instagram or email us!