Founder/Creator/Brand Inspiration

Hi! I’m Hannah. An interesting fact about me is I lived in Europe when I was younger as well as lived in Hawaii and many US States and I graduated high school in Alaska.

I personally hand drew our logo and got the inspiration for this brand from my world travels. I’m a free spirit and like to take life easy.

I’ve seen the pyramids of Egypt, I’ve hiked the mountains of Alaska, I’ve surfed in Hawaii and skydived in Italy. I’ve snowshoed in Banff National Park in Canada and have taken multiple 4000+ mile road trips. I love getting outside and seeing the world.

I do hope WATE LIVING can be an inspiration for you all to Wander, Adventure, Travel, and Explore the world around you. We are a small brand with big dreams.

Co-Founder/Marketing/Sales/Customer Service

Hello, I’m Jacob. An interesting fact about me is I’m a triplet! I have a bachelors in Business Management and I will be pursuing my Master’s in Business Administration this Fall. Interestingly enough, I started a t-shirt business in college which failed and then came WATE LIVING.

My love for the outdoors began when I met my wife Hannah in Washington D.C. and we traveled along the east coast! She is a world traveler and has been to many more countries than I have. She inspired me to help make this brand and see the world.

I love hiking, running, my family and my dogs. On a typical day you can find me doing something outside, finding new ways to better WATE LIVING, and hanging with my family.

My dream one-day for this brand is for it to be worldwide and sold in stores near you. We are open to any suggestions and love to hear from you. Over time we hope to add more apparel and gear which will suit your outdoor needs.

We are very thankful for all the support we have had from everyone and look forward to seeing many more adventures from you all.