5 Adventure Tips

1. Get out of your Comfort Zone.

It has been a long week, you have not had a day off in a while and it is that time again, the weekend. The big question, do you make plans to stay home or do you go do something fun? So often we do not go on a trip because we do not want to leave the house and rather watch Netlfix, scroll through Instagram, Facebook, or we are just lazy. Do not get us wrong, we love watching Netflix. However, there is a time and a place. Do not be afraid to sacrifice a weekend to take a hike or go on an adventure. You will be thankful for the experiences. Nine times out of ten the most fun you have is when you do something you did not want to do in the first place but do it anyway. Life is meant for adventurous experiences so get up and get outside and go somewhere outdoorsy. This leads us to our next tip.

2. Go on Group Adventures.

Christopher McCandles said it himself as it is quoted on one of our shirts, "Happiness is only real when shared." Our experience, it may be different from yours, but a group of usually about 4 or more make a backpacking trip, canoeing, camping, and or rock climbing adventure that much more worth it. Adds for good times, great stories and friendships that last. If you do not have a group to adventure with then make one! Text your friends and make it an agenda once a month to rock climb, hike, bike, or the outdoor recreation activity of your choosing! 

3. Make time for Adventures.

How busy are you really? Do you really not have time to go on a fun trip outside? If you think about how you actually prioritize your time then you will realize as mentioned in tip #1 that you spend a-lot of time watching Netflix and scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. In reality, you do have time to take a weekend or weekday trip to the place of your choosing. For apple users, we recommend using the screen time feature which will show you what apps you use the most and where you focus most of your time. We all know that when we are free, our phone is our go to companion (We are guilty of it too!).

4. Get an Animal Companion.

We find dogs make for great companions on any adventure! We recommend getting a breed that will enjoy long hikes and hot days in the sun! We have an Australian Shepherd named Finn. He is high-energy and absolutely loves hiking and running. Also, it makes for great pictures too! We find Finn is a great ice-breaker to talk to people we meet on the trails. It is always fun to meet other dogs as well. 

5. Drive the Distance.

Do not let distance be a factor in whether or not you go on an adventure. Carpooling along with tip #2 makes for less expensive travel cost. $300 in gas split amongst a group of 4 comes out to $75 a person which is relatively cheap when you look at the grand scheme of things. Even if it is a 4-5 hour drive do it! You will be thankful for it later and wish you went as in related to tip #1.

That is about it for our 5 Adventure tips! We all have something in our area that can get us outdoors. Sometimes you just have to do some research or join a local community group on Facebook to get you connected. 

Hope you liked it. Email us, DM us on instagram and let us know your thoughts and what our next blog post should be about. Will let you guys know what topics get picked!

Wander. Adventure. Travel. Explore.


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